Item Coversheet

March  14, 2016

Board Item - M.-3.

 Second Reading and Action Regarding Long Range Facilities Master Plan (LRFMP).

Superintendent's Recommendation:

* Conduct a Second Reading on the Long Range Facility Master Plan, and take action on the choice of project priorities included in this item.


The board of trustees conducted a First Reading for this item on January 25, 2016, and staff recommended a project priority list consisting of five options.  This item reflects a Second Reading and action regarding the Long Range Facilities Master Plan.  The item consists of a cover memo that summarizes the work that district staff has conducted since the fall of 2015.  The cover memo includes enclosures that reflect the following work:


-       Project priorities

-       Facility Condition Maps for each school site

-       Prioritization of needs by school as identified by rubric developed jointly by staff from the planning and construction and maintenance departments


In addition to the cover memo, the item includes the original draft LRFMP.  The rationale for including the original draft consists of the following:


1)    There are a number of areas where the previous work adds value towards informing the facility needs of the district.

2)    It offers transparency by sharing the previous draft of the LRFMP as it was developed.

3)    Recognizes the previous district investment towards the development of this process.



1)    Cover Memo

2)    Project Priorities

3)    Revised Facility Condition Site Maps

4)    Priority Needs Matrix

5)    Prior Bond Funding

6)    Public Feedback- Trustee Area

7)    Site Feedback

8)    Draft LRFMP


Questions regarding this board agenda item may be directed to Moisés Aguirre, assistant superintendent of business services, at 619-585-6060 or via email at

Fiscal Impact:

Estimated $60 million for facility projects over the course of three years (2016-2019) from Proposition O Bond Funds to address needs identified in the Long Range Facility Master Plan.

1 Cover Memo - BackUpCover Memo
2-Priority Matrix _ BackUpBackup Material
3 Revised Facility Condition Site Maps - BackUpBackup Material
4 Priority Needs Matrix -BackUpBackup Material
5 Prior Bond Funding - BackUpBackup Material
6 Public Feedback- BackUp Backup Material
7 Site Feedback- BackUpBackup Material
8 Draft LRFMP - BackUpBackup Material
68. Item M-3 – AUDIO CLIP - 03 14 16Cover Memo
69. Item M-3 – AUDIO CLIP - 03 14 16Cover Memo
70. Item M-3 – AUDIO CLIP - 03 14 16Cover Memo
71. Item M-3 – AUDIO CLIP - 03 14 16Cover Memo
72. Item M-3 – AUDIO CLIP - 03 14 16Cover Memo
73. Item M-3 – AUDIO CLIP - 03 14 16Cover Memo