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August  9, 2021

Board Item - L.-2.

Daily rate pay increase for teacher substitutes. 

Superintendent's Recommendation:

Approve daily rate pay increase for teacher substitutes from August 10, 2021, through December 31, 2021.


San Diego County school districts are encountering a shortage of substitute teachers, including the district.  In order to mitigate this issue, school districts throughout the county have temporarily increased the teacher substitute rates.  In an effort to increase the pool of available certificated substitutes during in-person instruction, to stay competitive with other school districts, and to better meet the district’s needs to fill substitute assignments, staff is proposing a temporary increase to substitute daily rates for regular-term and long-term certificated teacher substitute employees.  This temporary increase would be effective on August 10, 2021, through December 31, 2021, at which time rates will revert to existing rates.


The proposed daily rate increases are attached.


This Board Agenda Item supports LCAP Goal 4, coherent and transparent systems, because it supports systems in place that monitor appropriate staffing.


For questions regarding this board item, please contact Eduardo Reyes at 619/585-6010 or

Fiscal Impact:

Based on services rendered, expenditures to be appropriated within the 2021-2022 respective budget utilizing the States In-person Instruction Grant.  General Fund; Resource Code: (pending update from the California Department of Education).
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